Incoming Scale Process

Clients will come into the yard off of Williams Street into the long driveway that leads into the weight scale area. Driver will wait their turn and once scale is clear and no one else is on the scale, driver will move on to the scale and stop on the scale until vehicle is logged into the system. There is a digital display showing the total weight of the vehicle including material that will be offloaded. Display is on the building to the right of the scale, in the middle of the building towards the top.

Driver will be signaled to enter the yard and will drive up to the load check personnel and guided where to offload material. If planning on exiting the vehicle, client must wear proper personal protective equipment. A highly visible vest or shirt and hard hat.

Driver will then head back to the scale and wait their turn and drive onto the scale. 

Driver will give all information to the Weighmaster, Company/Name, material, address, and any other information they might need on the weight tag. The client is weighed out and handed a weight tag. At this point, the process is complete.

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