Carpet Recycling


Landfill Diversion
Each year, more than 2 million tons of used carpet and rugs are generated from construction renovation and demolition projects in the US alone. California recently passed AB 2398, product stewardship for carpet. This Bill is a real progressive step in keeping carpet out of the landfills.

By weight and volume, carpeting can be a considerable supplier to recycle material volume, once the market can be developed fully. Although limited prospects exist, it remains slower than other demolition material recycled opportunities.

Carpet Recycle Guidelines:

  • The carpet needs to be dry, (no wet carpet or pad).
  • Carpet should be rolled pile side out preferably 6 feet width or smaller.
  • The better the truck is stacked, the better value you get on freight.
  • Rolls should be tied off with the carpet itself.
  • No garbage (tack strips, knife blades, lunches, cardboard, or plastic bags full of scraps)

What Becomes of The Recycled Carpet?
Products made with post-consumer carpet are growing. This is a short list of products that are
made with recycled carpet.

  • Carpet
  • Park Benches
  • Carpet Cushion
  • Automobile Parts
  • Plastic-Wood Composites
  • Nylon Pellets
  • Parking Stops
  • Erosion Control Products
  • Picnic Tables

Affordable Housing organizations may accept used carpet appropriate for cleaning and reuse in their projects.

Carpet Reuse Guidelines:

  • Carpet Tiles must be clean, in good condition and boxed or palletized.
  • Carpet tile loads will be inspected prior to acceptance.
  • The carpet needs to be dry, (no wet carpet or pad).

Important Carpet Square Facts you should know:

24 x 24 Carpet Square
Weight: 1 inch of carpet = 60 lbs.
Every inch of carpet is app. 65 sq. feet.
A 2 ft high pallet will weigh 1440 lbs.
You will have 1550 sq. feet of carpet on this pallet.

How should the carpet tiles be packaged for shipment?

24 x 24 Carpet Square

  1. Stack 2 x 2 tiles (4 pieces) on a 44 x 44 or 48 x 48 pallets.
  2. Stack 2 feet high.
  3. Take your carpet square footage, divide by sq. footage on pallet(1550) and that will tell you how many pallets you need on the floor. i.e. 25,000 sq. feet of carpet divided by 1550 = 16 pallets.
  4. All tiles should be straight on pallets and secured within the trailer so that there is no risk of loads falling during transit or when pallets are unloaded. Material must be wrapped tightly and packaged so that pallets remain stable.
  5. If you have special loading or removal circumstances, please contact Certified Blue.

Download the Carpet Tile Guidelines PDF

California Carpet Recycling Program PDF

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